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General Questions

What is the Land Incorporated land for sale website?

Land Incorporated is an online real estate advertising service that allows owners, agents, property managers and others to advertise land for sale.

Does Land Incorporated receive a commission?

No, in the capacity of the web site, Land Incorporated receives no commissions or referral fees.

Does Land Incorporated offer a free trial?

Currently all new memberships get first 30 days free!

What is your cancellation policy?

Our subscriptions are charged month to month and you may cancel at any time. There are no refunds for partial months. Important - It is the responsibility of the member to cancel prior to any charges!

Where do I maintain my listings, membership and other information?

Click on Members, enter your user name and password, click Members again and you will be taken to your account.


Seller Questions

Who can list on Land Incorporated?

Any owner, real estate agent, corporate land manager, estate attorney and others.  who have legal or an assigned right to advertise the property.

What specific kind of properties can I advertise?

Listings must be land such as farms, ranches, timberland, rural property, building lots and undeveloped commercial acreage or a residence where the primary value and interest of the property is in the land such as a mountain, beach or lake front property. Typical residential listings are not allowed.

How can I help my listing to enter easiest and show better?

Give your property a good description, make sure you have correct contact information, check the appropriate features, put captions on the photos, provide adequate location data for Google maps. Note that if you use the latitude/longitude feature all must be in decimal from and Longitude must be a negative number. Example; Latitude 34.42001 Longitude -82.72362.

How many listings can I put in?

Unlimited listings, but you must enter each property only once as repeats will be deleted by staff.

What type photos do I upload for my listings and what size?

Photos must be jpeg or gif file type and size must be less than 1000kb.

Do I have to put a photo description?

No, but they do help buyers know what they are seeing and your photos are your best promotion.

How can I edit my listings and user information?

Login, click Members again and you will be taken to your page.

What about when my property sells?

You should change Availability to under contract or sold. If you continue to receive inquiries and do not want them you should delete the listing.


Buyer Questions

How can I save my searches?

You must register on the site to do this. Buyer registration is free.

Are prices and property information up to date?

We rely on the person who enters the ad to update price, availability and other information.

Is the advertised information certified by Land Incorporated?

No, absolutely not.  We make no guarantee of any information contained in the listings information on this site.  A prudent buyer should check it out on the ground, use legal representation and other professional services such as a local real estate agent, appraiser, surveyor and others to help with a purchase decision.


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